miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2008

Ellen Allien

When Ellen Allien jumps to the tourntables is like seeing Gulliver shrinking and dancing with Lilliput people and then getting giant to hit it us with the hard beats, if you are lucky you would be looking at her when she really likes a mix and starts moving her head from right to left as if it was another entity doing happy head banging tricks. She uses the counter tempo of one song over another, at the beginning it almost sounds as a mistake but soon is clear that she is a master in the level of the best guys like Richie Hawkid, not just putting together beats but letting complement each other. For sure Ellen is the best female DJ around the world, and besides her technique her energy is unique giving back to the dance floor what has been lost many times, it’s sacredness but in a pop way this time. Not only she is a musician about to release her new record (some magazines are always talking about it being the best of the year), and the best female DJ around the world in my point of view, the girl is also a entrepreneur with her own record company BPITCH CONTROL based in Berlin, she took one of her DJ’s Sascha Funke, to open her set in the BoogyBytes tour showing us the quality control of the label. 

Contribución soniricallera desde el Orange County, Ca.
Carlos González García

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